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Perhaps you were looking for edible garbanzos. Allow us to recommend the following recipes.

Try this meaty alternative to garbanzos!

Garbanzo! After Dark
Hot wet naked garbanzos!

Like funny ha-ha? Garbanzo! is a semi-quarterly review of poems and such.

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Garbanzo X: Back Again! (Summer 2014)


Man turns 700-pound block of cheddar into Mount Rushmore replica by Bruce Bennett

Another Modest Proposal by Bruce Bennett

Epitaph: Jesus Called And Wanda Answered by Kathleen Driskell

Epitaph: For The Blue Ribbon Baker by Kathleen Driskel

Epitaph: For Uncle Joe, The Slave by Kathleen Driskel

Prelude to a Midlife Crisis by Clint Margrave

A Girll Named Art by Kevin Mims

Quicksand by Kevin Mims

Abecedarium by Kurt Olsson

God of Our Nights by Claudia Putnam

The Truth of the Cookie by Lawrence Raab


Corn by George Bilgere